Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring is here. Is it? Almost...

I've been doing some Spring cleaning of sorts.  You will no longer find me set up at most of the craft shows I have done the past several years.  I am limiting my regular jewelry representation to the Hole in the Wall in Raymond, and Aterra in Westbrook, both in Maine. 
Hole in the Wall Studioworks in Raymond

Aterra will be opening soon on Main Street in Westbrook.  More info to follow....
Of course, if I have a surprise event or show I will post it here.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hello, is everyone enjoying their winter?  Actually, I am.  Although it has been bitterly cold and somewhat messy on the roads ( I couldn't make it to the Picnic Holiday Sale due to snow) I've been having a pleasant winter.  No cabin fever as of yet.  Winter is a good time to experiment in the studio, try out all those ideas that came into my head but didn't have time for the rest of the year. It's also a good time to catch up on things you've been meaning to get done, organizing and such. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013


I'm looking out the window at all the snow we got here, especially on the road, and I've decided it's a good day to stay home.  That means I have to skip setting up at PICNIC today.  I know they say it's going to clear up this afternoon, but I'd have to be out in it now to get there in time for set up...  

If you want to see my jewelry it's always available at
or you can email me at 

Anyway, I'll be hunkered in today.  Sorry to miss any of you who do make it out to PICNIC.  Have a good day and be safe.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The MECA Holiday Sale was a great success, and as always, a good time.  It's like old home days at the alma mater.

Now it's time to gear up for PICNIC  This Sunday 11 to 6 in that old wear house type building that hosts the boats shows and flower shows etc... 
58 Fore Street. There's always really cool crafts, vintage goodies and good eats if you get hungry.  Plus you can get a mug shot with a Yeti!

If you can't make it to PICNIC you can always find my enamel jewelry, encaustic paintings, and sometimes myself at the

Friday, December 6, 2013

Tonight, during the First Friday festivities in Portland, is the opening night of the MECA Holiday Sale.  I believe I will be located on the first floor near the Congress Street entrance.  You may have to look for me since these things sometime change at the last minute.

I had a fabulous time last night at the Celebrate 20 gala in the new Artist at Work space at MECA.  I met some nice people and caught up with some old friends.  And I sold a couple of my new special pendants to some lovely people.  The staff did a fabulous job.
Nectar reversible pendant

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Holiday Time!

The holidays are upon us, yikes, it's true!  This morning when I was just waking up I could see out my window how bare the trees are now and how white the sky looked, seemingly from the crisp cold air.  Visions of pfeffernusse and eggnog danced in my head.  Okay, it maybe too early for holiday treats, but not too early to get into my studio and ready for the holiday craft shows.  I'll be set up at three shows this season, and as always, I am well represented at the Hole in the Wall in Raymond.
Thanksgiving weekend
Join us for goodies and a chance to win gift certificates 
also check out my encaustic paintings in the 
an exhibit of works by gallery artists in a 6x6 format
@ the Hole in the Wall Studioworks

This is an awesome little craft show!  
Sunday, December 1
2 Government St, Kittery

come look for me, I'll be on the first floor this year
Friday 12/6 and Saturday 12/7
@ Maine College of Art

super fun indie craft show full of who knows what
Sunday, December 15


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall is here (yeah!)  

I will be taking a break from craft shows/fairs until the holiday season.  So far, I know I will be set up at Craft Fix @ BOUY in Kittery on Dec. 1st.  More info to follow...

My jewelry is always available at the Hole in the Wall Studioworks in Raymond, Maine

In the meantime here are some photos of recent work...
reversible pendant and matching earrings: side A
turquoise with green and purple
reversible pendant side B
black and white w/ red

modern oval earrings, blue and black
modern oval earrings, yellow and black, matte finish

reversible circle pendant, side A
red and black w/ white
reversible circle pendant, side B
blue and yellow w/ black

asymmetrical earrings, blue and red-orange w/ black

asymmetrical earring, blue on blue, matte finish

circle/ring pendant, pea green and violet and black

Please scroll down to past posts to see more. 
Thanks for looking!